N-Gine is an energy drink designed especially for fans of driving and dizzying speeds in everyday life. As a brand strongly rooted in the masculine world of motorization, it is the essential fuel in the daily race to the finish line. When you live fast and have to constantly compete for the first place, the special power is needed. This type of turbo speed is provided by N-Gine – with it every race starts on the pole position.

N-GINE – real ride is just beginning!

N-gine is a Polish energy drink produced and distributed by the Food Care Group. It is designed for consumers who regularly participate and/or watch action, adventure, or extreme sports. The typical N-gine energy drink consumers are male who are fans of professional driving and motorsports.

N-gine uses motorsport athletes, like Nicki Pederson, Bartosz Zmarzlik, and Bartosz Smektata, and Formula 1 (F1) drivers like Robert Kubica, as brand ambassadors to generate product awareness to drive retail sales.

N-gine energy drinks are uniquely positioned as an upper tier brand alongside competitors like Red Bull, Monster, and Tiger but are priced competitively so that the average consumer can regularly enjoy the drinks.

The Company offers its energy drinks in three unique flavors:

  • Classic
  • Cranberry
  • Mojito