Iron Energy Group

Iron Energy by Mike Tyson is a premium energy drink crafted in Europe and imported by Veroni Brands Corp.  Iron Energy has been designed to meet the highest European production standards including strict GMO free regulations.  The ingredients found in each flavor have been selected with a premium placed on organics and sweeteners that produce a better for you energy drink.  With respect to our consumer base, Iron Energy is also Kosher and Halal certified.


Iron Energy Classic provides a refreshing boost of instant energy.  It has a clean, classic taste, without being overpowering, and leaves no aftertaste.  Iron Energy Classic provides the energy boost you’re looking for with 20% fewer calories than other energy drinks in the market.


Iron Energy Zero Sugar provides all the power and energy boost of the classic, but has zero sugar.   It’s the same great flavor as the classic, same clean finish with no aftertaste. It has zero sugar, zero carbs and is only 5 calories per can. It is the perfect energy drink for providing the daily spark you may need without any of the guilt.


Iron Energy Mojito stands alone in the energy drink category.  It has a uniquely refreshing lime and mint taste which provides a hint of the exotic with the energy you want without the aftertaste. Perfect for drinking chilled on a warm summers day or mixing in your favorite cocktails.