About Us

the most beloved gateway to enjoy premium European foods and beverages for consumers and classes of trade.

Veroni Brands, Corp. (“Veroni” or the “Company”) is a leading distributor of confectionary and beverage products in North America. Founded by Igor Gabal in 2017, Veroni is a well renowned importer, seller, and distributor of premium beverage, chocolate, and snack products, primarily produced in Europe, through thousands of retail stores in the U.S. Veroni is also a supplier of confectionary and beverage products for major U.S. retailers under private label brands. The Company distinguishes itself from other players in the industry due to its reliable product sourcing and development of both private label and branded products.

The Company has a diverse portfolio of products from energy drinks to chocolate truffles, and is the sole U.S. distributor for European manufacturers, FoodCare and ZWC Millano.

Thanks to its reliable logistic chain, Veroni provides third party distributors and retailers access to a wide array of high-quality food and beverage items, while guaranteeing maximum efficiency. The Company strives to build larger, more efficient distribution networks to enhance every single customer’s experience.

Veroni vision is to be a premier, leading distribution company that provides superior products and services to customers while generating high-quality earnings. Veroni expects to accomplish this through:

  • The skills and talents of their employees
  • The strength of their market-leading positions
  • The depth of their operational capabilities, and
  • Their commitment to excellence and continuous

Since 2017, Veroni combines European tradition with evolving market needs for the best quality premium food and beverage products. The Company sells its products through a strong network of brokers and distribution channels, and has successfully established its presence in the North American market.